Library Board

Board Members

Michelle Jardine, President

Mary Asbach, City of Ashland

Dina “Dinny” Bolka, Towns Representative

Clarence Campbell, Ashland County

Jim Crandall, Bayfield County

Megan Robertson, School District of Ashland

Sheva Abeles-Allison, School District of Ashland

Sarah Jackson, City of Ashland Council

Vaughn Public Library, Ashland, Wisconsin
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Vaughn Public Library
502 Main St. West
Ashland  WI  54806

Phone 715-682-7060

Fax 715-257-6042

Library Hours

Monday - Friday 9 - 6 pm
Saturday 9 - 2 pm

Book Nook Hours

Tuesday & Thursday 9 - 4 pm
Saturday 9 - 12 pm