Vaughn Building Renewal

  Why rennovate the Library?

  • 40 years since the last renovation, the VPL is overdue for basic systems, furnishings and spatial improvements
  • More space for public meetings, teen and children’s programs and casual reading will be created
  • Historic features like storefront windows and a Main St entrance will inspire revitilization in downtown Ashland
  • Building safety will be improved throughout, including foundation repair, a sprinkler system and more bright, open spaces
  • Energy efficiency upgrades will include HVAC systems, lighting, plumbing, electricity, windows and added insulation
  • Good stewardship of community assets like the library is important to the vitality of Ashland

Architectural Rendering

Engberg Anderson Architects

Project Updates

Renewal Plan

Renewal Plan

The Library Team is working with the City Council to develop a funding plan for the renewal of the VPL. Community conversations were held in early August to explore public opinion about the Plan and how to fund the Renewal Plan.  Those who attended expressed...

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The Design Development Process

The Design Development Process

During the winter of 2021, worked with focus groups at the library to develop a design for the renovation plan. The framework for the hour-long sessions was “Keep, Toss, Create”.  Together, residents and the architects identified the spaces and services that are a...

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Where we are in the Project

Where we are in the Project

As the cornerstone of historic Main Street, the Vaughn Library welcomes residents and visitors into the community.  Built in 1888, the Vaughn has stood for 135 years as a public place, dedicated to enriching lives through learning. Not since the 1980s has there been a...

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2023 Donation Program

Support the Vaughn Public Library Renewal!

Every dollar has impact! Whether you give once or set up a recurring donation, each donation moves us forward in our goal of creating a bright & responsive library for present and future generations.  Thank you!

All donations are tax deductable.

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